The unhappy fruit of frustrated atheist, Karl Heinrich Mordecai – later Marx (1818-1883) which resulted in the publishing in 1848 of his “Communist Manifesto”, that essentially denies personal responsibility and every ethic of Western Christian Civilization. His philosophy however, has gained acceptance in academic, bureaucratic, and other parasitic circles because of its promise to deliver perpetual peace after the liquidation of all actual or potential adversaries, real or perceived. Firm tenants of Marxism include the abolition of private property, the absolute control of the money supply, media, and education for the singular purpose of control and indoctrination. Since Marxism is atheistic, it recognizes any criminal activity, deception or wickedness as an acceptable means to its end. Its end is world domination without national borders, and the destruction of Christian Civilization. Its leaders and agents are wealthy, well educated, appear sophisticated, feign concern for the less fortunate, mock obvious truth, sow seeds of discord, lie eloquently, and are extremely well paid. Their elite have become so incredibly wealthy as to become practically invisible to the rest of humanity. Their primary method of gaining control has been their expert execution of Babylonian Debt Usury Banking practices of wealth transfer and application of power. Incidentally, Marx was stationed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1861 for a London newspaper and correctly observed that the “Civil War” was about northern lust for power and wealth and not freedom and emancipation.