A fundamental franchise given by God to mankind for the exercise of the choice between good and evil. Inherent in the franchise is the human understanding that decisions result in consequences. Human government cannot grant Liberty but can only observe or obstruct its free exercise. Parasites loathe Liberty as it condemns their base unproductive lives, entitlement mentality, and fear of the realization of their failure at personal responsibility. Material success, contrary to popular belief, does not indicate the presence of the blessings of liberty. Material success might very well indicate the overwhelming presence of greed. There are plenty of examples of unproductive lives who reside in luxury, all one needs to do is listen to the unhappiness and meaninglessness of most of Hollywood’s elite. Theirs are lives of addiction, infidelity, avarice, abuse toward others, lust, selfishness, and spiritual hunger. Liberty as a gift from God exists with all men in all circumstances. Human attempts to extinguish Liberty are nothing more than their attempt to extinguish God. The yankee, humanist, Marxist view of Liberty is simply their “right” to do what-so-ever they choose without consequence. There perceived “rights” have accomplished the destruction of the family and social fabric of American Christianity leaving America adrift without adequate anchorage or an accurate moral compass. Government maleducation, systematic repetition, and trivial preoccupation all aim toward the total destruction of Christian Culture which frees yankee Marxists from their perceived burdens of responsible behavior and debt to the Living God who they deny. Consider the words of Soviet Bolshevik Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) “It is true that liberty is precious – so precious that it must be rationed.”