Higher Law

Another fruit of yankee ingenuity and Marxist humanist reasoning. When duly elected representatives of a constitutionally based citizenry frame laws for the peaceful exercise of commerce and promotion of the welfare in general these laws become the rules by which that society operates and exists. This is as it should be and is as our Founders intended. Higher Law yankees reason that any law with which one disagrees must be ignored, broken, and or rioted against, thus affecting change by force, intimidation, or elimination of opposition. A second method employed by Higher Law yankees and  Marxists  is to bring the law before a purchased or friendly Black Robed Oracle for dismissal. One such misguided Higher Law man was William LLoyd Garrison (1805 -1879) who opined, “The compact (constitution) between the North and South is a covenant with death and an agreement with Hell.” His followers frequently burned copies of the US Constitution. Southerners and Christians reason that if there are reasons for a law’s change or elimination, the method must be through the duly elected representatives and legislative process; as courts are to adjudicate the law not legislate it.