Webster defines the verb hate as intense dislike. That sounds reasonable. I hate having a root canal without benefit of anesthetic. Some things are worthy of hate and some are not. God in His Holy Bible states clearly seven things that He hates in Proverbs 6:16-19. He also states on many occasions that some men hate Him (Deuteronomy 32:41, Psalms 21:8, John 15:18). May we not say that evil hates good and good evil (Proverbs 8:13)? We certainly may as that provides the basis for Western Civilization in general and America in particular which; reached its zenith when God’s Word was the yardstick and the scales of justice were administered with honest weights. Atheistic Marxism would shorten the yardstick and use dishonest weights on their scales of justice. By changing the verb, “hate” to an adjective and adding it to the noun “crime” or “speech” they succeed in creating a new super-category of activity that only they can identify; and one in which only groups targeted by them can be found guilty. A super-category whose terms not only defy common usage of the English language, but defy common sense. How can anyone who murders be more guilty because he hates the person he murdered? Murder is murder! How can my right to express the truth or quote crime statistics be considered criminal activity in a fair and impartial system? It cannot, which proves the point that our scales of justice have been tampered with. Why are middle-class Americans so terrified and voluntarily become “Thought Police” because of these criminal super-categories? They are terrified through systematic repetition, maleducation and trivial preoccupation. Who gains from this? Marxist atheists bent on the destruction of Western Christian Civilization. The Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent spread of their dogma has revealed their desire not to elevate the masses, but to reduce all human beings within a society to the lowest possible human denominator for the purpose of tyrannical control. The tacit acceptance of such super-category terms signals the loss of the moral compass of the culture and inevitable destruction of the civilization. Rather, an enlightened people would understand and appreciate the observation of Francis W. Springer who postulated, “War is not caused by hatred, it is the other way round. Hatred is manufactured, like munitions, as a necessary instrument of war.”