Federal Judge

A Black Robed Oracle who divines the Constitution without ever having read it but simply relying on quotes of previous Black Robed Oracles who also neglected it intentions as well. Resulting in law based upon legal fictional precedent from men who are appointed for life. A most egregious example of this is Texas v. White, 7 wallace (U.S. 1869) in which Chief Justice Salmon P Chase wrote in the opinion of the court, “The Union is in law and in fact complete, perpetual, and indissoluble”. That decision was contrary to legal and constitutional fact. Mr. Chase, as Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary, engineered the sale of the monetary independence of the U.S. for the necessary funds to wage their “Civil War” and as his political aspirations grew, Mr. Lincoln appointed him to the Supreme Court to remove him from political interference in the 1864 elections. The Federal Reserve Bank building in New York City has upon it the name: Salmon P. Chase Building. Parasites and the maleducated who champion democracy invariably carry their grievance to a Black Robed Oracle once a legal referendum is passed by a majority in a State forbidding something they seek. Generally, the Oracle divines the legal referendum as “unconstitutional” although a majority of the people had spoken otherwise. They often render decisions that defy common sense and the law, yet are never or very seldom held accountable. Blacked Robed Oracles are particularly dangerous in-as-much as they are agents with an agenda who happily function under the guise of the American System. That agenda is humanist and Marxist and since they can apparently legislate from the bench with impunity, their decisions are used as precedent. Since they are appointed and approved by demagogues their worth (to the system) is assured. The words, intent and meaning of the U.S. Constitution become meaningless since they control its interpretation. Theirs is a life of sophistication, luxury, and arrogance and from whom productive citizens have no recourse.