The traditional meaning has been just and honest or according to the rules. However, in popular culture it has come to mean – you have something that I don’t have. Marxist, humanist yankee culture would have you to believe that their systems aim to make all things fair. They cannot, and their continued use of the term evidences how few independent thinking people occupy their culture. Maleducation, systematic repetition, and trivial preoccupation has trained up a people with an entitlement mentality who rather than take personal responsibility for their circumstance and seek God and His mercy, seek government, its demagogues, and tyranny. Life is not fair, and has never been fair since the fall of man (Genesis 3:14-19). In this country, which began as a free enterprise system with practiced virtue, it was once possible through diligence, thrift, and hard work to become successful and prosperous. Unfortunately, men who routinely ignored virtue gained success and prospered at the expense of their fellow man. I am thinking specifically of those bankers, industrialists, and merchants of New England who having gained immense capital lusted for more, thus giving rise to the negative connotation in America to the term capitalism. Once in charge, these types altered the rules in their favor thru their American System thus making thrift, diligence and hard work contrary to success without their explicit permission and involvement. Reinforcement of your entitlement mentality by elevating your self-esteem when you lose only gives tyranny more validation. Rather, conduct your affairs as a responsible adult, demand responsibility from your leaders, seek God and eschew evil, practice virtue and remember that in this fallen world bad things do happen to good people. Thus, good people become better and those who don’t become better perhaps weren’t so good to begin with.