An adjective meaning going to extremes, excessive, out of bounds. Another in a series of words hijacked by Marxists used to describe what was ordinary not too many decades ago. It is good that the term is applied so frequently as independent thinkers thus are able to discern the motive of those expounding. Since Marxists control our culture, media, institutions and most of our government they relish the opportunity to apply the term to any Christian, independent thinker or constitutionalist who swerves into their sites. Since the term is relative and they have moved the center line we, normal old fashioned Americans, are at the disadvantage defending what for centuries in Western Christian Civilization was acceptable. Not that defending Western Christian Civilization is difficult but that the propositions proposed in accusation are the aberrations and not the norm. Quite like asking someone if they are still beating their wife; there is no valid yes or no answer unless you do beat your wife; thus a defensive posture on the part of the accused. The enemies of Western Christian Civilization lacking virtue have no problem lying as any lie is acceptable that advances their cause; which means that facts have no importance to them. In the past twenty years every mass murder committed took place in a gun-free zone while those areas that liberally permit conceal-carry are the least crime ridden. The 2011 FBI crime statistics evidenced that murders by rifles were 323 while murders by hands and fists were 726 and murder by knives were 1694, yet they insist on vilifying semi-automatic rifles. These facts are ignored as their agenda of our destruction has precedent. So, be alert when you hear the term extremist used and be aware of who is using it.