Contrary to Divine Law, morally wrong or unwholesome, sinful, wicked, depraved or of ill repute. Scripture clearly defines the fundamental nature of fallen man as evil (Genesis 6:5). Popular culture, steeped in a century of humanist propaganda, would have you believe that man by nature is good and only sometimes does evil because of circumstance. Modern religionists teach that man is by nature good and is god-like and can seek and strive for salvation by becoming better and doing more good or that their agents can intervene on your behalf. Marxists deny evil exists since everything is good when it is necessary for their ends. Atheists deep thinkers have designed a system where good and evil are relative; since there is no God, there can be no static definition of good and evil. Make no mistake, evil exists and is alive and well in every culture. There is one, who is the Prince of this world system and he revels in whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8). He was expelled from his former abode because of pride (Isaiah 14:12-14) and stalks his world system of pride, lust, greed, force and pleasure only to pervert truth (John 8:44). His human agents may appear wealthy, sophisticated, well educated, cosmopolitan, well meaning, and philanthropic but be not deceived there is no truth in them. His original sin of pride before the foundations of this world does not permit him or his agents (Revelation 3:17-19) to realize the depths of their error, they are blind. Our founding documents recognize an infinite God and His inalienable rights granted to man, thus proving ours a Christian founding. Our moral compass was rooted solely upon His Holy Law for eighty-some years until it was wrestled away by yankee humanists. Today we see the fruits of yankee ingenuity abounding in ignorant education, propagandized news, entitlement mentality, familial destruction, prideful national boasting, greedy opportunism, fomented sodomy, lustful voyeurism, human sacrifice, acceptable demagoguery, applauded injustice, celebrated primitive savage behavior, debauched entertainment, rewarded deviancy, debased morality, mockery of God and absence of a need for national repentance. Evil exists as the function of this out of control system we presently find ourselves swallowed by. No amount of legislation can repair it; their system is defective and broken. Recognize and admit it, then give thanks to our yankee brethren who foisted it upon us at gunpoint. Then abjure the realm as best you can, get and stay close to God, set your affairs in order, for when yankee America falls – great will be the fall of it.