The very real theological appendage of yankee, humanist, Marxism. Two-thirds of the way through the twentieth century Marxists realized that worship of the state was not sufficiently large and nebulous to fill the void within the human heart (See: Religion). They correctly concluded that worship of the earth with its collateral benefits would suit their needs much better. They then proceeded unhindered to fabricate politically motivated defective science manufactured by their Marxist assistants in the scientific community giving their results the appearance of validity. With the goal being one world government and destruction of Christianity, environmentalism offers the vehicle for global taxes, global laws, global religion and global empowerment through their various international agencies, siphoning power from nations and circumventing constitutions. Thus, maleducated subjects fed catastrophic propaganda through systematic repetition and trivial preoccupation rush to embrace the emergency that they are empowered to halt by recycling their aluminum cans, riding their bicycles, and turning off a few lights. They calculate it as noble that they are willing to sacrifice “a few rights” and “some taxes” to “save the earth”, feel better about themselves and thereby sanctimoniously loathe those who are not as enlightened. This might very well be called a classic Marxist propaganda success story; whose success first required the removal of God from the classroom.