A clever method imposed by tin-pan magicians and carnival hucksters to force you to look at one thing while they accomplish another. Thus, have yankee, humanist Marxists succeeded with trivial preoccupation for most of America. However, for what is left of independent thought in America, popular culture offers “conservative” radio or television for simple distraction. Never spoken of in these conservative venues of “truth” is the source of our present miseries, or the root and cause of our present troubles. Rather, one or another meaningless issue is discussed with appropriate emphasis placed upon the conservative side to vindicate the host as having done his patriotic duty for his conservative cause. Any serious student of current miseries would closely examine our Federal Reserve System to discover the systemic evil inherent in it process. Then examine the death of the Legal Republic in 1865, and its executioner who ultimately made possible that Federal Reserve System. Then investigate those agents of international power whose roles are seldom mentioned in maleducated history of this country, and whose groundwork made the executioner’s task possible. Then investigate the agents of subversion and political demagogues who built their positions of power and influence upon the rubble created by the executioner. The problems America faces today did not begin ten, twenty-five, or even fifty years ago, but at our founding. Rightfully, our founders warned of the danger; and all they asked was that we remain informed and vigilant stewards of their and God’s gifts. At every turn of our history, the hucksters have provided a distraction (war & emergencies) while picking our pockets of wealth and a few rights. Of what value will we be when our pockets are empty and no rights remain to be taken? Tyranny financially supports all sides and gives ample distraction while proceeding with its stated aims. Is it not odd that conservative bastions of truth avoid any negative mention of the 16th President when discussing systemic political problems of our Nation? Why is that? It is because his humanist gospel of greed, power, lust and ambition is too embedded in the system for them to recognize! The French economic writer Frederic Bastiat stated it clearly, “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Conservatives in America have never conserved anything.