The worst type of social or political panderer. One who will lie, cheat or steal generally for money and power without remorse. The demagogue has only two allegiances: first himself and second the highest bidder. As democracy fragments into groups with perceived “rights” the Demagogue reigns supreme. Proficient demagogues seek National office, where the big bucks are. In this process honest, civic-minded office seekers become casualties. The Demagogue is a boastful moral coward and is most often found in the pay of government and Marxist humanist yankee organs. Followers of demagogues are generally angry, envious, lazy, prideful and either ignorant or stupid. Richard Taylor (1826-1879) son of U.S. President Zachery Taylor and himself a Confederate General states, “Greed of office, curse of democracies, will impel demagogues to grovel deeper and deeper in the mire in pursuit of ignorant votes.”