Although the Democrat Party had broken apart in 1860, during the secession democrats in the north were generally more conciliatory toward the South than were Lincoln republicans. They called themselves peace democrats; their opponents called them copperheads because some of them wore copper pennies as identifying badges. (Could this be why Lincoln’s likeness appears on the penny?) The Lincoln administration and its agents pursued these people relentlessly. Over 300 Northern Newspapers were shut down for the suspicion of disloyalty to the government. Many of those papers were vandalized by mobs (who incited the mobs?) and the presses destroyed. Those editors and publishers were secreted away in the night to military prison camps by military personnel without benefit of a warrant, legal counsel or appeal. Nearly 40,000 other northerners were summarily arrested by the military under similar circumstances and these included folks of every walk of life: ministers, lawyers, judges, state workers, state legislators, mayors, farmers, tradesmen, doctors, housewives and even pre-adolescent newspaper boys. The 16th Presidential administration was not about to allow anybody to disrupt the remaking of America into the new America System; in much the same manner as modern Marxists and demagogues will not abide those who oppose their New World (Marxist) Order. The mere existence of such opposition in the north reveals the lie that everyone north of the Mason Dixon was or is a yankee. Would you consider northern officers who resigned their U.S. commissions to fight for the South, yankees; I think not. Thus it is that the plight of the copperheads, behind enemy lines, is a sad untold story. A parallel can be drawn today to the Christian, independent thinking and constitutional believing folk who stand in opposition to their New World (Marxist) Order. Who will incite the mobs against them?