This name was given by Karl Marx (1818-1883) to his concept of atheistic philosophy. “Das Kapital” was published in 1867 and intended for the absolute control of all social, religious, economic, academic, cultural, and government activity of a nation. His design was to reduce all citizens to the lowest common human denominator. Where it has been tried, it has always been found brutal to the point of being inhuman, leaving citizens with the overwhelming sense of terror and hopelessness. It is estimated that over 100 million souls perished under Communist rule in the Eastern Block in the 20th century from slaughter and starvation, many millions disappeared without a trace. Communism recognizes only two classes in a society: the working class and the ruling class. Communism aims to develop monopoly of every aspect of life and culture. Communism decrees the liquidation of all opponents and potential opponents, real or perceived. Communism opposes independent thought, Christian expression, free speech and private property. Communism is not compatible with Western Civilization’s concept of virtue and liberty. Communism to a productive citizen is a terror and to a parasite a crutch. Communism is the ultimate expression of evil regarding governing philosophy as it denies God, faith, virtue, trust, hope personal responsibility, compassion, forgiveness and Christian love.