Clueless? I think not.


     A cartoon recently came across my desk in which it was intimated that the United States Congress and the White House are completely clueless with regard to events in our economy. That between them they cannot discern appropriate measures to remedy the downward spiral that appears to be driving us into national bankruptcy.

     These caricatures of bumbling inefficient government “servants” may very well amuse but nothing could be farther from the truth; and indeed nothing could be more dangerous than believing such lies as clueless, bumbling or stupid.

     The ugly truth, if you are not preoccupied, is that our public servants are not now nor have they been, for quite some time, stewards of the American people. As highly paid and efficient demagogues they satisfy the desires of the highest bidder and place into law and practice those desires formulated for the destruction of the vast middle-class of this country along with the last vestige of our once free-enterprise system. The highest bidders in our times are the international bankers, who have cleverly, over the past one hundred and fifty years, siphoned multi-trillions of dollars from productive folk simply because they could. Their tremendous amassed wealth has been used to secure friendly legislation, purchase whole industries, finance the infiltration of foundations and institutions, and cause entire government agencies and programs to foil initiative, thrift and the work ethic. This incidentally includes the wholesale vilification and denigration of Christianity and its removal from public venues while simultaneously embracing third-world pagan religions.

     No, the elected individuals running our government branches know precisely well what they are paid to do. The last obstacle on the entire planet, for the formation of their “one world government” is the vast middle-class of America, the people who make things work. The government that they envision will be ruled by the wealthy global elite over the remaining helpless souls who will be relegated to serfdom.

     Yes, serfdom! Doctors, lawyers, engineers and highly skilled technical workers will be permitted, even encouraged, to ply their trades but it will not be for their benefit nor for the benefit of others; it will be for the benefit of the governing organ which will insist that all efforts and results comply with its all-knowing edicts.

     Every tyrannical take-over throughout history has involved the slaughter of the successful middle-class as they always represent the only solid opposition to the tyrannical regime. Whether the Vendee and Normans of the French Revolution, the South of the American “Civil War” or the Kulaks and Cossacks of the Bolshevik Revolution, the outcome is always the same; opposition must be vilified, crushed, silenced and their assets consumed.

     Middle-class Americans today, particularly those who independently study and know history, are and shall witness events that even a few decades ago would have seemed preposterous. We are in the same position as was the South in 1861, except we lack the strategic resources and unified front of an entire section.

     Our elected officials are not clueless, far from it; they are a highly intelligent lot conducting affairs for the highest bidder. Distractions are, and have always been, a tool of tyranny. Wars and emergencies are a necessary ingredient to keeping people from focusing on the real object, their subjugation. Don’t take my word for it, read history.

Rex Miller – 3/18/2013