Civil War

An armed conflict by two or more factions with each seeking control over a central government. Each Sovereign State of the South held legal referendums and followed the Orders of Secession. Subsequently, the South was invaded for exercising their legal and Constitutional rights. Elements of the north invaded  the South; and the Southern people acted in self-defense. 1861-65 should be called the Second War of Independence or War for Southern Independence. Or perhaps, War of yankee Armed Robbery. Governor Joel Parker of New Jersey correctly observed in 1863, “Slavery is no more the cause of this war than gold is the cause of robbery.” Congressional Record of March 2, 1928 reports Senate Joint Resolution No. 41 wherein Congress recognized the title, “War between the States”, “whereas the 1861-1865 was waged between two organized governments whose official titles were the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.”