Yankees who entered the South to profit from the personal tragedies of its people. Very much, like  parasites that suck the blood until the body dies, maggots who consume the flesh then scavengers who devour the carcass. It is worth remembering that carpetbaggers were given free rein to plunder the Southern carcass under protection of the Federal Army and Union League officials as Confederate Veterans were not permitted to hold public office or interfere with official business. This wholesale theft lasted until 1877. With the loss of 25% of the South’s best between the ages of 16 and 60 and the theft of all material wealth. The South was in fact bankrupt by the end of Reconstruction in 1877. In 1860, Mississippi was the wealthiest State of the American Union, today it is at or near the bottom. Real Americans, by and large, are an agrarian thinking people who possess common sense and simply wish to be left alone to pursue what is best for their family and community. This runs contrary to humanist, yankee, Marxist ideology. Therefore, whenever a yankee pattyroller retires with his government or workers union gravy he immediately seeks a cheaper place to live. Understandable, he chooses a Southern location where taxes and local government intrusion are less. However, once he arrives, he almost immediately begins to remake his rural community into the urban ghetto he left. Yes, carpetbaggers are still with us today. Their greed, lust, and yankee inability to leave others alone is truly astounding. Is it not interesting that the program, “Antiques Road Show” seldom reviews Southern antiques in the possession of Southerners? The wholesale theft of Southern personal property was immense from 1861 to 1877. And it was sanctioned by the United States government.