The worldly economic system of buying and selling minus Christian virtue which results in wealth (capital) accumulation by deception at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with wealth accumulation provided it is honestly accomplished. Unfortunately, yankee bankers, industrialists and merchants are unable to restrain their appetites for profit and thus have a propensity for monopoly. This causes civic objection that inevitably causes government intervention. Capitalism as an economic system is privately owned, which is good. However, its often lack of virtue necessarily results in anger among those who have perceived themselves taken advantage of, giving rise to sympathetic ears eager to receive the message of the demagogue and Marxist. This then leads to government involvement into private affairs, more laws, pattyrollers and taxes. Capitalism is probably the best that fallen-mankind can produce as an economic system. But because the primary motivator is greed the Christian who is not extremely careful will either become a casualty or encounter constant struggles for survival while attempting to build his business.