Abjure the Realm

Abjure the Realm – A process of attitude by which an individual who is sickened by a diseased society and its popular culture personally commits to abstain from participation with that malignant culture. In other words it is a personal boycott. As freedoms are removed and liberties choices are blurred by government mal-education, it is to the informed individual’s advantage to understand the process. The last remaining venue of power, with a small “p”, for the individual is the discernment of where his treasure will be placed. Treasure, in this instance, is his fortune or disposable income, after tribute. That choice is made many times daily in the average life today. There are hosts of wealthy individuals who have succeeded in convincing you to buy a product. Bankers, company executives, and marketing professionals profit directly from your choice. However, the greatest profit is realized by the spokesperson who has no investment in the product. It appears evident that if “XYZ” company supports a corrupt politically correct corporate culture, and pays a culturally popular deviant to hawk its product, then the person who places his treasure in that company’s product and that spokesman, give tacit approval of their activities. Media programs can only charge advertisers because they are able to prove that consumers are watching or listening; cable and satellite firms keep accurate records of this and new chip technology verifies it. Simply quit watching, listening, and supporting Marxist, humanist propaganda inspired programs and their popular culture spokespersons and advertisers, and buy otherwise. By doing so, you demonstrate Christian stewardship of perhaps one of your last remaining freedoms in this once free country, that being the power of your small after tribute purse.