Those supposedly superior folk who ascribe  evil to inanimate objects and circumstance rather than the evil within the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9); personal responsibility and stewardship plays no role, therefore by opposing a thing they relinquish their own personal guilt. So you see, guns kill, large cups make people fat, and government day care will save the children. It is instructive to note that yankee abolitionists never caused any of 700 yankee slave ships from being built or stopped them from setting sail to purchase Africans from Africans with yankee distilled rum from their 93 distilleries. Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies murder many more thousands than guns annually. Government day care called schools has only resulted in a corresponding increase in government penal colonies. Abolitionists are a fickle breed; they are surrounded by their black cloud and imagine that by placing blame on some distant object or circumstance their cloud will be removed. Unfortunately, they only succeed in sharing their darkness as their light has been extinguished; you see, slavery abolitionism of the 19th century did not succeed in freeing any slave, but did enable bankers and central government to become our masters. Modern abolitionists fare no better, their efforts enhance the power of tyranny.