political cartoon criticizing Copperhead domination at the Democratic National Convention

Are you a Northerner?

Do you cherish the Constitution?

Are you against invasive rule from others?

Do you hold sympathies for the American South and her history?

If you answered yes to all these questions than you have a lot in common with the COPPERHEADS of the 1860’s!

Copperheads were Northerners during the War Between the States who opposed the Lincoln administration and its aggression towards the Southern States. They were called “copperheads” because their opponents viewed them as “snakes.” Sadly, Abraham Lincoln illegally imprisoned all who protested his regime, including elected officials, newspaper editors, journalists, church leaders, and even paperboys. It’s estimated that nearly 38,000 civilians were imprisoned without the writ of habaes corpus. History also tells that these resistors were unashamed to speak out against Lincoln’s War, and boldly accepted the name “copperhead” as a badge of honor. Some literally wore a “copper” “head” penny (a play on words) to brandish their political convictions.

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Interestingly, Lincoln’s face is on the very same coin that his Northern opponents wore during the War Between the States. Coincidence?

Or to learn more about the vast number of Northerners opposed to Lincoln and the War we highly recommend the book Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln’s War.