Betsy Ross & Nike

Shared in ConfederateShop’s bi-monthly Newsletter, March 2019.

Like every other outrageous brouhaha promoted and compounded by popular media the most recent Nike, Betsy Ross flag excitement is no different. Apparently, Nike desired to introduce a new shoe on July 4th embroidered with a small Betsy Ross flag and their spokesman suddenly opposed it. It is so ridiculous I struggle with where to begin. It seems that a failed athlete has become the ambassador for the shoe company Nike. Colin Kaepernick gained his fame not in athletics but in taking a knee during the National Anthem before a game to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter (a Marxist supported front group) over the alleged epidemic of white police officers shooting blacks (a myth disputed by fact). Well, the following season no team picked up his contract, so Progressive lawyers were ushered into the mix in order to sue the NFL and provide resources for their “disadvantaged” client. With his NFL jackpot and Nike largesse it appears his concern for Black lives doesn’t include his wallet. His claim against the 13 star flag is that it is a symbol of oppression and slavery and apparently the company he represents is as vacant in their knowledge of history as he is.

     For starters, I’d like to point out a few facts about the Betsy Ross flag and Nike. The Encyclopedia of the American Revolution is very clear; although Betsy Ross was a Philadelphia seamstress who is known to have made flags, the one with 13 five pointed stars in a circle, popularly called the Betsy Ross Flag, is not among the many flags historians consider seriously as a contender for the honor of being first. It seems the story stems from family lore made famous by her grandson, William Canby.  He made a presentation to the Historical Society of Philadelphia in March of 1870 in which he spun the family myth which has since become so called history. What has truly given the ensign traction is the movie “The Patriot” and for that we may thank a historically illiterate set designer who probably chose it for its photographic properties. That flag had nothing to do with officialdom or slavery, unless guilt by movie counts, as in the fictional movie “Roots” or fictional documentary “The Civil War.”

     Moreover, Nike has aggressively promoted their brand whose name is derived from the Greek Goddess of Victory. That seems well enough until you consider that the ancient Greeks were slaveholders and at times it is probable that slaves outnumbered free people in Athens; and it could be argued that they are promoting paganism. Additionally, the Office of the UN High Commission on Human Rights claims that slavery is practiced in China which incidentally is where much of Nike products are made. If association to slavery is so critical for this failed athlete I suggest he disassociate himself from a company that has more association to slavery than the Betsy Ross Flag ever did.

     The hypocrisy of these people has no limit unless of course your world view accommodates lying. It is acceptable for Progressives, the NWO (New World Order), and Muslims to lie as it furthers their cause; systematic lying is a policy with these people. I failed to mention Colin Kaepernick; like our 44th President is a closet Muslim and much of Nike leadership is NWO types or Progressives. So we see their remarks and decisions have nothing to do with history or truth but rather are instruments which further their creation of chaos and division within the culture. CARE (Council on American Relations) a Muslim front, the Muslim Brotherhood and the NWO seek the destruction of the middle class, particularly the Christian middle class, in order to institute Sharia Law which amounts to religious and civil law and political governance. Recent elected individuals to the US House of Representatives have taken their Oath of Office on the Koran which in a presumably Christian culture is prima facie evidence of their unfitness of the office, since their belief system accommodates lying to further their aims. The conservative Gatestone Institute has catalogued their lies to voters in their districts which enabled them to win elections. There is also little evidence that Congressional Progressives defend the Constitution or care for middle class citizens; as demagogues, greed, power and envy motivate their actions; and their actions are intended to create chaos rather than justice. Their aim is the collapse of civil society in order that they might usher in their Utopia.

     Please remember the speech by Jeffry Rothschild presented in China 4/5/14, “In order to finalize the New World Order process we need a third world war to exterminate 90% of the global population. This will resolve the problem of human overpopulation, as well as put an end to civil disobedience. We will then proceed to automate industry and create a global feudalist system in the name of saving our planet.”  It should be no surprise that internet fact checks debunk his words; what else would you expect from a Progressive media? All one has to do is examine the goals, methods, and progress of these people and witness the damage inflicted these past 150 years, to learn that they are dead serious; erasure of truth is not new. There are honest hard working people around the world, considered middle class, who wish to be left alone to pursue what is best for their family and community. By far, the largest of that group is in America. However, middle class Americans are better educated, blessed with common sense, and are well armed to defend themselves. Additionally, many are Bible believing Christians. This makes us a high value target and the enemies of the Rule of Law will not relent as we are the monkey wrench in their gears.

     What is sincerely troubling is that honest people who are trusting by nature have been treated so shabbily. Their belief that their government and institutions can be trusted has resulted in them being used as gullible then called deplorable. Their faith in government and institutions has resulted in license for those who oppose the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The systematic application of lies and distortion has given us schools and universities that indoctrinate rather than teach. Local and State governments that ignore and scheme against their own citizens and actually order their police officers to ignore the law. Senators and Representatives who demonstrate more allegiance to campaign donations than voters in their districts. State and National selective enforcement of law where privilege criminals avoid punishment and churches that no longer proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Even the so-called free press, which nationally is owned by a handful of wealthy Progressives and staffed with indoctrinated ‘journalists,’ do not discharge an unbiased report of news. All of the above have been bought and paid for by faceless multi-national corporations, incredibly wealthy foundations and globalist financiers, who have purchased, groomed, and overseen the elections of their demagogues. Our once Christian culture has been effectively co-opted by men without virtue who have used our nature of trust and fairness against us.

     After the War Between the States, Southerners made an honest effort to get on with their lives with as much honesty and patience as they could, while dealing with Yankee control. They had lost the martial conflict to overwhelming numbers, but as a people were never defeated; although many Yankee leaders worked for their extermination. These issues have never been addressed legally upon a balanced scale of justice or reviewed unbiased for fear of the consequences. The unnecessary war cost one half of this country twenty five percent of their manhood and all of their treasure, and enabled the other half of the country to harvest that treasure and fundamentally change the nature of our institutions. These are talking points that one would imagine would galvanize serious journalists and historians into in depth research and analysis. Can anyone out there claim witness to any serious in-depth analysis by modern day academics or journalists? Now-a-days we hear about slavery, democracy, and diversity; all of which had little or nothing to do with the event. The very nature of government, the application of constitutional principles and strict adherence to the Rule of Law, has been the bone of contention between sections for over two hundred years. Should you choose to boil it down; one side wants license to pilfer the treasury while the other side wishes to follow the Rule of Law (think urban vs. rural). These two sides will never reach any satisfactory compromise; for what is compromise but defeat on installments and it is we who are expected to compromise.

     We live in a culture where generations of folk are ruled by perception not truth, and Progressive Media instigators ignite the emotional fuel of that perception. Whereas, we are able to proudly stand on the truth; our adversaries appear oblivious to facts and actually actively engage in its’ erasure while writing fake history.

      God’s Holy Word and truths of history may be discarded by the mainstream, but our task is to stand on both. Proverbs 14:34 is clear, “Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people”, as is I Corinthians 16:13, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit ye like men, be strong.”
 RM – 7/23/19