The Total Destruction of Western Christian Civilization

During the month of December 2018 the Pharisees of Journalism, along with their associates, the vacant talking heads, chose to inundate the population with reports about “Climate Change,” “Illegal Immigration,” “The Federal Reserve,” and the shortcomings of the 45th President of The United States. Interestingly, they all have one thing in common. But before we go there let’s take a quick round-about.

I have heard good, hard working, presumably well meaning people say, “Oh, what happened over 150 years ago is history, it doesn’t affect me, leave it alone.” Well, the sad fact is that it does affect all of us. The turmoil this Nation has been forced to endure is a consequence of the Rule of Law being supplanted by the Rule of Man which occurred in 1865 when the Constitutional Republic was executed by Yankee-progressives. Base politicians wrestled the reins of government away from Statesmen in order to enrich themselves by pilfering the US Treasury, encouraging lobbying, revolving doors, and passing laws from which they are exempt.

Take for example “Climate Change.” In my lifetime we’ve been threatened by global cooling, then global warming, now finally climate change. Your local weather station is seldom the bastion of accuracy in weather on a weekly basis, yet we are encouraged to believe agenda-driven climate computer models. It is much better to believe God’s word. After the Noahic flood, God said: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. “              – Genesis 8:22 KJV.

     Scripture teaches that we should all be faithful stewards of God’s bountiful gifts. And Christian people, as a rule, are. However, environmentalism as promoted by progressive government and its organs are nothing more than specious fear mongering and propaganda designed for control and taxation. Man is a triune being; having a body, mind, and spirit. We were created in the image of the triune God. Education that neglects any area creates an individual deficient in that area, thus when Bible and Spiritual instruction was removed from education a spiritual vacuum was created. Mid-way through the twentieth-century Yankee, humanist, Marxist-progressives realized that worship of the State was not sufficiently large and nebulous to fill the void within the human heart. They correctly concluded that worship of the earth with its collateral benefits would suit their needs much better. Thus, they created environmentalism as their very real theological appendage. Sufficiently frightening, with the goal being one world government and the simultaneous destruction of Western Christian Civilization. Earth worship and environmentalism offers the perfect vehicle for global taxes, global laws, and global empowerment through their various international agencies which can siphon power from nations and circumvent constitutions with high sounding international treatie. Mal-educated subjects are fed catastrophic propaganda through systematic repetition and trivial preoccupation, while rushing to embrace the emergency and “save the earth” while forging their own chains of bondage! Hence: Climate Change.

     By Definition, Illegal Immigration is criminal; but apparently since the rule of law no longer applies it has become an issue. In 1861 when the 16th President called for the Sovereign States to provide troops in order to invade other Sovereign States, the South as one body stood up and said no, according to Article III, section 3 of our Constitution. To Southerners, Lincoln’s invasion was treason and they simply refused to participate. Sadly, the tens of thousands of European immigrant citizens in the North who had no history of liberty and no knowledge of the price paid for independence were patriotically cajoled into enlistment into a Federal Army. By 1865 a Federal Army of over 2 million defeated an army of 650 thousand and of the millions in Federal service were 800 thousand European enlistments. So you see, Christian people who are rooted in their history require great effort to move while immigrants with no historic tradition can be manipulated. Progressives have never forgotten that lesson as they have been tireless in the creation of a sufficiently uninformed and or ignorant population from which to garner votes. After all, their founder declared: “If you can cut the people off from their history, they can be easily persuaded.” – Karl Marx. Yet Christians are aware that God desires us to know our history, Hosea 4:6 in part states: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”, which means His chosen people had neglected to remember where He found them and how far He had brought them. Then II Timothy 2:15 makes it very clear, “Study to show thyself approved unto God…”

     As I’m sure you know, or should know, the Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation which through political chicanery took from the American people their sovereign right to produce their own money interest free. What we refer to today as money is not money but fiat currency or debt obligation notes. According to economists, money is “created” when it comes into existence and creation means making something out of nothing. Ordinary businesses diligently work to produce yearend profits of 5 – 10% or 15%; yet the manufacturers of our money have the same paper, ink, and labor costs in a $1.00 bill as in a $100.00 bill, yet we are charged face value for the bill plus interest. $1.00 in 1913 is worth $.04 today. and the difference has been absorbed by the Federal Reserve through inflation. Today’s national debt, plus Federal unfunded mandates, are somewhere over 200 Trillion Dollars, in 1909 it was less than I billion. On March 9, 1933, President Roosevelt (whose family owned stock in the Federal Reserve System) began his issuance of Presidential Orders which have forever transformed America. He abolished gold as our currency standard, enlarged the 1917 “Trading with the Enemy Act” to include all Americans as legal enemies of the state, and signed over to the Federal Reserve the legal claim to all personal property of Americans in lieu of gold. These were Presidential Proclamations numbers 2038, 2039 and 2040. Naturally, a compliant Congress passed the necessary legislation; and those that were not became law through publication in the Federal Registry via the Executive Branch of government. Thus, a government which violates laws with impunity passes more laws in order to intimidate its subjects.  Thomas Jefferson, Virginian, author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd US President said: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them [around the banks], will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

So what do “Climate Change”, “Illegal Immigration” and “The Federal Reserve” have in common? All three are schemes of selfish men without virtue who in seeking their own enrichment demand the total destruction of Western Christian Civilization. Presently there is one elected individual with the courage to jam a monkey wrench into the gears of the Yankee Progressive machine and he is our 45th President. We may be totally Southern and un-reconstructed but life under Communist rule is not an option we should allow. Consider the words of Jeffry Rothschild as delivered in a speech in China April, 5, 2014, “In order to finalize the New World Order process we need a third world war to exterminate 90% of the global population. This will resolve the problem of human overpopulation, as well as put an end to civil disobedience. We will then proceed to automate industry and create a global feudalist system in the name of saving our planet.” These Yankee Progressive Communists are serious in their efforts; they lie, cheat, and steal to further their cause. Christians must cease from trivial preoccupation, remove their children from government indoctrination centers, demand fiscal responsibility and adherence to the oath of office of elected officials, pray for National forgiveness and spiritual revival, and be equally as determined as our foes.

RM – 12/29/2018