Nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989) led the Soviet program to develop what he believed to be the worlds most powerful weapon; the atomic bomb. Prior to his death he made a drastic revision concerning his beliefs on the supreme weapon of the world. The nuclear bomb was not the most powerful weapon, but something else completely different: the truth. And so it is. Thomas Jefferson who authored the Declaration of Independence said, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand alone”. Additionally, George Orwell correctly postulated, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” And finally, Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), one of the instigators of the bloody Bolshevik Revolution and forerunner of today’s progressive communists observed, ”A Lie told often enough becomes truth.”
     Our truth is powerful, sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) yet we are witness to a time when great segments of our population have been so thoroughly and professionally lied to that we have become labeled the subversives and dangerous ones. Why? Because we wield the truth; and our truth surely is powerful.
     We of the Union of Sovereign States have been officially lied to for over one hundred and fifty years. A short list of outrageous lies surely includes:
  • The United States was not founded as a Christian Nation.
  • The United States was founded to be a democracy.
  • The several States and their citizens are not sovereign.
  • The invasion of the South (1861-1865) was to free the slaves
  • The invasion of the South (1861-1865) was to save the union.
  • The 16th President (A. Lincoln) was a good, caring Christian man.
  • Davis, Lee, Jackson, Forrest etc., and their soldiers were traitors.
  • The United States Constitution is outdated and is a living document.
  • God’s Holy Word, The Bible, is just another book written by men.
  • All religions are the same.
   Here we have 10 bold lies believed by many sincere people who have been treated by the Yankee progressive method of systematic repetition and trivial preoccupation. That repetition totally permeates the present culture. From popular media, all academics, multi-national corporations and government bureaucracy we see the familiar name calling, banning and mal-treatment of those who wield the truth. One of the purposes of an outlandish lie is to bring shame upon their adversary. By assigning names with a negative connotation we are placed in a defensive position which in their language is indefensible. Words like racist, sexist and homophobe are routinely applied to people who are none of those things but must spend valuable time in defense of the charge.   Our adversaries possess all the means, they control all channels of dissemination, and they believe we are disarmed and at their mercy. Try as they may, truth cannot be disarmed. For as Andrei Sakharov said, “truth is the world’s most powerful weapon,” and an offensive one.
     This was a Union founded by the Rule of Law. That law must be equally and justly applied, is to those of us who hold that truth, a foregone conclusion. Our adversaries, on the other hand, believe that the laws they disagree with should not be enforced. This short circuits the legislative process, ignores the rule of law, and leads to chaos; which is precisely their desire. Destabilization of the culture has always been a tool used by communist progressives while in the process of overthrowing a government. We’ve seen it occur in third world countries for decades. After weeks or months of rioting and destruction emergency elections are called which results in the emergence of a dictator who engineers his country into a society of government “haves” and citizen “have-nots;” thus poverty is equally shared by all but the leadership class.
     One is not surprised to observe this occurrence in a country whose population has no history of free enterprise, the rule of law and spiritual liberty, yet they are attempting their game plan on our soil. Shame on them all, they are an embarrassment to a civilized people. Unproductive malcontents and worthless college children desperately need a strong dose of truth! Therefore, Let each of us do our part to administer that truth.
     It was Christian virtue, prayer and perseverance that brought 13 Sovereign States to the North American Continent and enabled prosperity. It is the absence of Christian virtue and prayer that has brought us to the mess we presently face.
     The imperative before us today is that we hold to the truth, which is our most powerful weapon, and must disseminate it ourselves one person at a time. It is akin to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ one heart at a time. Spread the seeds of truth as you may, if it falls on fertile ground (Matthew 13: 3-9) it will sprout and grow; if on fallow ground it may perish. Either way we have exercised our duty to spread the truth. Regardless of the consequences, as General Lee said, “Do your duty in all things, you can never do more and never wish to do less”.