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Welcome to Crossroads Country Store’s online shop, where we take pride in our Southern Heritage, and are pleased to share it with others. Since opening our doors in 1996 we’ve offered our customers a great selection of quality products and apparel that reflect the true spirit of the Old South. Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a unique gift that reflects the special history of the South, you’ll find it at the Crossroads Country Store. Here history is alive and our wide selection of books is unsurpassed for those seeking to understand the root causes and Southern perspectives on the war that tore America apart 150 years ago. Whether you are looking for a rousing tale of soldiers locked in battle, or biographies of Southern generals, soldiers, and statesmen, or even coloring books for your kids, you’ll find them here, along with t-shirts, caps, flags, and a host of other products ready to ship with just a click of your mouse. You’ll also find links to other sites of Southern interest, including “My Two Cents” which regularly examines the issues and myths surrounding the causes of greatest conflict in American history, the War Between the States.

We are a family business and conduct our affairs with integrity. All orders are processed and packed by father and son, Rex & Matt Miller. For any questions, comments or concerns you will be speaking to us personally. Thank you for your support and business!


Shipping & Rates: All of our merchandise is shipped using the United States Postal Service and price is determined by weight. All orders will be shipped out the day of purchase or the next business day. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We value our integrity, expect a refund if you are overcharged for shipping.

What our friends have to say about us…

“Great selection, outstanding service, and folks you can trust. I highly recommend Crossroads Country Store and encourage others to shop online or in their store for ALL of your Confederate needs.” ~ Susan Hathaway.

“I just had the chance to stop at Crossroads Country Store (Spring 2015), known as The ConfederateShop on their on line store. I ordered a couple books online. Visiting the store was a real treat, the hospitable young man a the counter was not only knowledgeable in Confederate history, but Constitutional history and, more importantly in my opinion, scripture. The book selection was great and I walked out with another great book, original written by a Confederate Soldier, that I would never find in my Upstate NY area.” ~ Chris L.

“Very Southern friendly store, nice staff, good product selection. So many Confederate flags that it’s hard to just take home one.” ~ Donald C.

“Placed an order on Wednesday for Unreconstructed VA flags and they arrived on Friday! Excellent service and gracious Southern gentlemen! God bless.”  ~ Travis F.

“I just got my rebel flag license plate and was pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of pamphlets with knowledgeable information that I wish the vast majority would read. The plate is now on my classic Mustang and will stay there until the end of days. Thanks guys!” ~ Taylor R.

“I received my order!  I wanted to say first, I was surprised to see a handwritten shipping label.  The timeliness was impressive.  The detail on the knife I ordered I’d absolutely gorgeous!   The coin is bigger and more colorful than I expected.    So, needless to day, I’m quite impressed!   These are going to be a Father’s Day gift for my boyfriend who is named after Robert E. Lee.  Thank you for your time.” ~ Wendy L.

“My husband LOVES the Confederate throw blanket and flag! They are great quality and just look awesome. My in laws love their flag too! Thanks again and we will buy from y’all in the future as well as recommend your business to others.” ~ Yolanda H.

My orders from ConfederateShop came in faster than I thought, and I was satisfied with the shipping and great quality of the items. I am grateful we have a place to order books that actually tell the truth about the Civil War, slavery, and is proud of the Confederate flag! I have learned so much of the truth that we haven’t been taught! Thank you for your products and keeping the South proud! ~ Linda C.


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